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WaterLock FAQ’s

Why do I need a water control system?

Your home is supplied with high pressure and an unlimited supply of water. When a pipe bursts the water runs until someone manually shuts it off. A water line can break at any given time, potentially putting you at risk to a devastating flood. Some leaks can go days or even weeks before they are noticed, causing major damage to your home, and its structure.

What about my Homeowners insurance?

Every year millions of homeowners file insurance claims for major water damage. Many homeowners pay out of pocket for damage and loss in fear of making a claim and being placed into a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange- a claims-information report also known as CLUE. A report that is readily available to an insurer when applying for coverage. Based on these reports the insurer will decide if they will offer you coverage and how much you will pay, making it difficult for you to find affordable coverage.

Where should I install the WaterLock System?

The WaterLock system should be installed on the main incoming water line before the line begins to branch off to other appliances, near a power source. Must be placed indoors, and also mounted where the homeowner can easily access the face of the WaterLock unit for programming and resetting the system if the need to do so occurs.

Should I have a plumber install WaterLock?

We highly recommend using our certified technicians for the installation of WaterLock so we can ensure the quality of installation. This way, we can also provide our labor guarantees and warranty.

Does WaterLock help me qualify for a discount on my homeowners insurance premiums?

Protecting your home from possible flooding reduces risk and thus increases your insurability. Contact your insurance provider to see if discounts are offered for automatic water shut-off systems such as WaterLock.

How much water is necessary to set the WaterLock system off?

Our system is very sensitive and can detect the smallest amounts of water through our flow sensor, which is as little as a few ounces. The flow sensor can be adjusted for your specific specifications.

Can WaterLock work with my security or home automation system?

WaterLock can be connected to your existing alarm system so that you can be notified if a problem has occurred. Please contact your security system installation professional for assistance. (wires not included)

What happens to WaterLock if a power outage occurs?

In the event of a power outage, the WaterLock System has between 6-7 days of battery backup and the memory will hold the settings. Leaving no necessary resetting of the unit upon power returning.

Can I manually turn off my water supply using WaterLock?

Simply push the red “EMERGENCY STOP” button on the inside of the unit to kill the supply to the entire property.


Without WaterLock your home and everything you own are at risk!

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