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With a Flood Prevention Home Water Shut-Off System

What is WaterLock?

WaterLock is an insured and quality-guaranteed emergency automatic water shut-off system designed to prevent water damage by detecting leaks and breaks in pipes and common appliances. Installed at the main water line, it uses timed water flow technology and high-quality components to automatically close and protect your property.

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WaterLock: control systems give you the peace of mind, control, and security you need!

Homeowners want their homes secure, safe from harm, and protected. When a water line breaks, in 8 hours the home can flood with 8,160 gallons of water! This is outrageous when we are talking about our fresh water. We put fire alarms in our homes to alert us when there is a problem but it is time that we use the same measures of protection when it comes to the first common cause of property damage loss: Water Damage!

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Safeguard Your Pets!

Your pets’ lives are at risk when a water line breaks in your home!

Antiques / Heirlooms!

There are many valuable items in your home that are irreplaceable!

Keep Mold Away!

Dangerous mold can develop in a flooded or water damaged home!

Save Water!

More than 1 trillion gallons are wasted annually due to household leaks!

“I love these guys! They did a great job installing WaterLock. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

Julius Von Uberstien

“We have saved dozens of headaches with the help of WaterLock.” 

Rachel Stamos

“Spoke with Dennis and he took care of our needs!”

John Smith

“Top-notch job. Couldn’t have asked for better system to monitor our apartments."

Phil Johnson

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